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Mixx Brekky's Radio Games

Mixx Brekky's Radio Games

Mixx Brekky have brought back the radio games!

What is/are the Radio games?

A collection of your favourite Radio games of the past!

Games like "Secret Sound" "Guess the Celeb" "Pick the beat" and a few other in the works too

Cash will jackpot everyday if we don't get it straight away

Just listen out for your cue to call each morning at around 7:45 am! You can also add your name to our standby list also giving you a chance to play.

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Secret sound clue:

- Plastic

The Secret sound is back! Here are the current guesses

23/9 - Popcorn popping
24/9 - Marbles dropped on a table
25/9 - Strumming a guitar
26/9 - Gumballs

30/9 - Slurping a drink through a straw
1/10 - Ice cubes into a cup
2/10 - **repeated guess**
3/10 - Rolling a dice on a table
4/10 - **repeated guess**
7/10 - Air hockey table
8/10 - Fake nails tapping on a table
9/10 - Bingo Tumbler
10/10 - **repeated guess**
11/10 - Cooking Corn
14/10 - Kids toy that pops when you push it along

15/10 - Twisting bubble wrap

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