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Mixx Brekky

  • Mixx Brekky

Mixx Brekky

A brand new brekky show for 2017!

Courtney is bringing a new and fresh Brekky show to Mixx; a show all about you! From Hamilton to Heywood, Portland to Penshurst, Casterton to Coleraine and Cavendish and everywhere between, Courtney is giving the South-West a new voice. We live in such a gorgeous part of the world; let's celebrate it!

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Courtney is a bit of an odd nut. She thinks the best sandwich combo is Vegemite and pickled onions. Huh?! She has spent her days as an avid gamer and wannabe Masterchef but is now attempting to score that coveted #1 Mum mug she keeps eyeing off in the gift shop.

Catch the fun and local info you need to get your day underway every weekday from 6 on Mixx FM!