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Photo: Central Gippsland Health Service

WDHS still impacted

WDHS still impacted

Photo: Central Gippsland Health Service

Cyber security

IT systems at Western District Health Service (WDHS) have been impacted by a cyber security incident that is affecting a number of Health Services across the South West and Gippsland.

To minimise the impact of the incident, hospitals throughout Victoria have isolated a number of servers and blocked access to several IT applications, with staff switching to manual or paper based systems to maintain services.

WDHS chief executive Rohan Fitzgerald said the breach had created some challenges for staff, but it was largely business as usual for WDHS consumers at present.

“At this stage staff are working hard to ensure that the impact on our patients, residents and clients is minimal,” he said.

“Local elective surgery lists, hospital inpatient and emergency department services, community health and residential aged care remain largely unaffected.

“After verifying the nature and credibility of the risk on Monday evening, the South West Alliance of Rural Health (SWARH) implemented a number of measures to protect data and prevent the incident escalating.

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“We are continuing to work closely with SWARH, IT Specialists and the Department of Health and Human Services to ensure the breach is contained.

“At this early stage we do not have any evidence to suggest that patient data has been accessed, but the investigation is ongoing.

“Landlines and mobiles are currently working at WDHS, however staff have no internet or email access.

“We will continue to provide further updates as more information becomes available.”

If members of the community have any concerns, they should contact the WDHS Switchboard on 5551 8222.

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