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Users warned of raids

  • Users warned of raidsImage: Pexel

Melbourne 'High Alert' campaign aims to alert drug users of police raids

A new campaign aims to offer legal advice to drug users and tip off dealers and clubs when police are set to raid venues.

The campaign's founder has told Melbourne Radio their aim is to reduced harm that they say is caused by Operation Safenight.

Nevena Spirovska is the founder of 'High Alert', she spoke with Tom Elliott.

"I'm in no way suggesting that there aren't harms when it comes to taking drugs," she said.

"In our team we have people that are practising law that will be able to provide, not only legal information, but legal advice."

Police have denounced the campaign, telling Tom Elliott it's very disturbing.

"I would have thought we could work quite effectively within Victoria Police and continue on the good work being done to prevent harms," Superintendent Philip Green said on 3AW Drive.

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The campaign by "alert"

Police are going to be conducting nightclub raids across Melbourne until August 2017. In one weekend, Police laid 20 charges, interview 129 people, and checked 172 cars.

There will be no warning before they search a venue, and this will include checking patrons in the line before they have entered.

No support is being provided to the affected nightclubs or nightclub attendees that centred around harm reduction.

But there’s a problem

Many people don't understand their rights and responsibilities when it comes to dealing with police, especially when drugs and alcohol involved.

A lot of misinformation exists, which can often put people into complicated legal situations.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

Founded by Nevena Spirovska High Alert is an apolitical, independent, grassroots campaign that will provide factual and accessible legal information to people who may be caught up with Operation Safenight.

Our campaign includes our website, social media platform, nightclub material, and 'High Alert' hotline.

The team behind 'High Alert' comprises of drug-law reform experts, anti-prohibitionist campaigners, healthcare professionals, and legal advisers that all believe in evidence-informed, harm-reduction measures.