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File photo: blue gum timber plantation

Timber towns want help

Timber towns want help

File photo: blue gum timber plantation

Calling on the Government

Log shipments into China were put on hold last week following findings of bark beetle in shipments.

It's a huge hit to the south-west economy .. with the The Green Triangle being the source of $400 million jobs per year for the local economy.

President of Timber Towns- Karen Stephens says ... the industry must clean up their act ...

The Chinese government have suspended Chinese imports into China of logs from Victoria because there's evidence of contamination. And the contamination is a bark beetle, now we have been aware of this for some time so look as President of Timber Towns Victoria we are really calling on the Australian Government. To really enforce this with the industry, that they clean up their act and adhere to the compliance measures set down by China. 75 per cent of our export market in logs is to China. So it's a significant hit to the Victorian economy and to the Green Triangle region. The Green Triangle, that's about $400 million a year in jobs and for our economy, so significant amounts of money and a significant hit for the whole region and the state.

Look I've been dealing with the industry and dealing with a couple of senates and we've been in meetings, and we're just trying to work out how we might turn this around. I think it's going to be a slow turnaround but in the meantime, coming into Christmas the last thing we want is people loosing their jobs. You know individual companies that are exporting to China will have to make those decisions. So it's very, very uneasy waters that we're in at the moment in the timber industry but I must say these are logs only, not chip, but you know, we're calling, Timber Towns Victoria are calling on the government to ensure that the industry clean up its act and make sure that it is compliment for biodiversity aspects for the Timber industry.

The state Government has enacted a hard border closure between with South Australia.

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From tomorrow night [21.11] a permit system will be put in place.

Mr Andrews outlined yesterday who would be provided a permit.

Given that there is clearly community transmission in Adelaide, and in South Australia, potentially more broadly. And in light of those waste-water treatment results which are along freight corridors. The Government following public health advice has made the difficult decision but the necessary decision through an abundance of caution to introduce temporary border controls with South Australia. From 11.59pm tonight, so it's essentially from midnight tonight a hard border will be in place for some 48 hours, before a permit system comes into effect from midnight, Saturday night, 21st of November.

Under the hard border only freight drivers and those with medical or other emergency needs and reasons, urgent animal welfare or those authorised by law for instance a child protection worker will be able to pass across the border, from South Australia into Victoria. The final details of that permit system will be provided as soon as we possibly can. But the reasons to enter Victoria from South Australia from Saturday evening , once those permits are up and running will include if you're an emergency services worker or a worker providing essential services, you're in agriculture or allied industry worker, to receive medical care, including seeking cornavirus testing for instance. To obtain medical supplies or compassionate reasons, or to shop to secure essential supplies to you and your family.

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