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The Wait Is Over

The Wait Is Over

The Settlement Confirm Dates

LOCALLY-renowned alternate folk band The Settlement is just days away from releasing its highly-anticipated debut album, titled 'Stand In The Middle'.

The Hamilton-based band, consisting of Adrian Calvano, Shane Baker, Matt Pittman, Jimmy Doheny and Harry Pettit, have spent the good part of the past 18 months finely constructing the album, which they have proudly self-funded.

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The Settlement front man Adrian Calvano said the album is one the listener will relate to in their own way.

“The album is a bit of a journey, from start to finish,” Calvano explained.

“And that is what we are really promoting that people sit down and listen to it in its entirety.

“It gives the listener a bit of a journey with ups and downs

“And it probably promotes the listener to have a bit of a think and reflect on their own journey and how they want to tackle it.”

The Settlement is celebrating the release with a self-titled 'Stand In The Middle' album tour which kicks off in Warrnambool on Saturday.

The tour then heads to Melbourne and Queensland before making its way back to Hamilton on Saturday August 12.

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