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Severe storm last night

Severe storm last night

30 mils received in Hamilton and Warrnambool

Severe thunder storms last night produced heavy rainfall, lightning and thunder right across the south-west.

Portland and Hamilton police were not called out to any incidents, however, some residents came into the Portland Police station who felt uneasy about the conditions. Police officers served them a warm cup of tea.

A spokesperson from the Bureau of Meteorology says, Hamilton and Warrnambool saw 30 millimeters of rain.

"We got a surface trough across Victoria last night. So very unstable conditions so it brings quite a sever thunderstorm with heavy rains all across the southern part of Victoria, especially in the south-west and the central part of Victoria.

Since 9am yesterday [22.11] morning we've seen 30milimeters of rain at Hamilton also Warrnambool and Portland get's 16milimeters of rain. So we generally see 15-30milimeters of rain across the south-west region, since 9am yesterday morning [22.11]."

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From Wednesday [25.11] onwards the weather is expected to warm up.

"Possible to have some light drizzle hanging around for the rest of the day and then clearing this evening. [23.11]. And then getting into tomorrow, still possible, some light drizzle in the morning. Then we will head into a dry run for the next few days, until maybe next Monday. But... there's a bit of uncertainty about the weather system. So quite dry and then the temperature also is slowly to warm up basically from Wednesday ... still a little bit cool for tomorrow, with some westerly winds and then slowly to warm up from Wednesday and the temperature will get up to mid to high twenties."

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