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The Casterton Situation

The Casterton Situation

What we know...

On Sunday 3nd October 2021 South Australia Health were advised a woman from Mt Gambier tested positive to COIVD-19. The health authority reported she had visited a family member in Casterton.

Police are now investigating what appears to be a targeted attack, when the woman's car was set alight in her driveway on Tuesday night (5th October).

The woman remains in hotel quarantine with her children.

SA Police Commissioner Grant Stevens said "People shouldn't assume that they know what's going on.”

Questions have been raised about the woman's whereabouts but officials have still not released details, saying they’re still investigating.

On Monday (4th October) SA chief health officer, Professor Nicola Spurrier couldn't say whether she'd visited Casterton or not.

"I can't tell you at this point in time whether or not she did visit that town. But we'll be seeking further information as we can throughout the investigation."

Deputy Mayor for the Glenelg Shire Cr Karen Stephens reassured the community saying, currently there are no cases of COIVD-19 nor exposure sites identified in Casterton.

“We don't have any identified cases in Casterton of COIVD and we also don't have any tier one or tier two sites here in Casterton.”

The border bubble changes currently mean residents of Casterton cannot cross the South Australian-Victorian border.

“What we do have is a change to our border restrictions and that's caused some confusion because the South Australian Government imposed a 30 kilometer restriction. So Casterton is actually 40 kilometers from the border so that restricts anybody from Casterton from going over the South Australian border.” Deputy Stephens said.

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Ms Stephens said when the community is presented with a case, processes are in place to protect locals.

“What we need to keep in mind is what's important to us here in the community, and I know there's been an enormous amount of angst in these media releases and comments do create an enormous amount of uncertainty in our community, but we are a strong and resilient community here in Casterton and I think we need to also understand that if we do have a positive case in Casterton the authorities have really good processes in place to protect the community.” Ms Stephens said.

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