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SWDFNL Round 2

SWDFNL Round 2


Tyrendarra stamped its authority on the South West District Netball League early in the season defeating two-time reigning premier Cavendish on Saturday.

The Bloods led at every change but the Darras stepped it up in the final quarter scoring 16 goals to 8 winning the match 51 to 47.

Dartmoor returned a win in round two enjoying the six-goal victory after a tight encounter against Heywood.

Heathmere was too good for Coleraine the final score was 45 to 24.

While Westerns continued on its winning start to the year defeating Branxholme-Wallacedale 64 to 39 away from home.

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Round two of the South West District Football League saw some surprise results recorded across the district at the weekend.

Coleraine bounced back from its round one loss to easily defeat Heathmere.

The difference at half-time was just two points but an inspired second half led by Patty Sinnott with seven goals saw Coleraine win 113 to 53.

Heywood showed its still a force against Dartmoor winning the match by 82 points away from home.

Westerns were pushed by Branxholme-Wallacedale but the Roos were too good to the tune of 39 points and Tyrendarra fired against Cavendish winning 176 to 7.

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