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SW Footy/ Netty results

SW Footy/ Netty results

The South West District Football League

The South West District Football League results at the weekend saw The Westerns Football Club 2.3-15 unsuccessful against Dartmoor's massive win of 28.11-179

Cavendish showed their talent making 16.15-111 to Branxholme Wallacedale's score of 7.8-50

Coleraine made 12.9-81 victorious against Heywood's score of 11.7-73

Tyrendarra Football Club didn't have to try ... making 33.18-216 to Heathmere's 2.1-13.

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SW Netty results

The South West District Netball League resulted in a very one-side game for Cavendish who threw 83 balls through the hoop, defeating Branxholme / Wallacedale's effort of 13.

Westerns 57 proved themselves against Dartmoore who made 27.

Coleraine made 45 but were defeated by Heywood's score of 56.

Tyrendarra had a Bye.

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