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Stitching enthusiasts

Stitching enthusiasts

Giving back to the community

Every Friday, a group of stitching enthusiasts get together to create quilts for palliative care patients at the Portland District Health Service.

So far, 10 hand-made quilts have been made and more are on the way for residents at Harbourside Lodge.

PDH theatre administrator and Friday Stitches member Nancy Grant says, the group has received two substantial donations of fabric and a $1000 grant from Glenelg Shire to help with material to go inside the quilts to make them warm.

“We sew all day and laugh, talk and eat and laugh some more and get some sewing done by the end of the day,” she said. “It’s very good for the soul.”

While the pandemic has slowed the social side, it hasn’t stopped the stitching.

“Since the pandemic, we have done our own thing because we haven’t been able to get together, but that has been good for a lot of people to get things finished,” Ms Grant said.

“We put all the donated fabric together and between us we made 10 quilts with a few more on the go,” Ms Grant said.

The support from Glenelg Shire paid for the quilting of the quilts and the batting that goes in the middle which allowed us to get these quilts made for virtually nothing except our time.”

Ms Grant said the stitchers hoped the quilts would be comforting. “A lot of palliative care patients are elderly so they will appreciate home-made quilts and the material they are made of will remind them of days gone by,” she said.

“There are some amazing quilts. The girls have done some beautiful work and it gives us a real sense of belonging to the community to be able to make this donation.”

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Head of the PDH, Chris Giles said the donated quilts would be appreciated by everyone in the palliative care unit.

“This is another great example of community support for PDH, which helps us to make life just a little bit better for all of our patients,” she said.

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