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Sporting clubs in limbo

Sporting clubs in limbo

South West League's perspective

A plan for the remainder of the season has not yet been formed by The South West District Football / Netball League.

Waiting to see how long we are expected to remain in lockdown, Suzie Holcombe from the league said executives are deliberating and will continue to keep players up to date via email and their Facebook page.

"Unfortunately it's a matter of wait and see."

"The executive are constantly chatting and checking all the information that's coming through. We are posting things on the South West District Football/Netball League as well … and then there are emails being distributed to all of the club presidents to disseminate to all of their club members with regards to what's happening." She said.

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Ms Holcombe said, club members should continue work as a team and check in with each other this lockdown period.

"The Clubs are encouraging their members - both football and netball to keep up their fitness. Just keep an eye on all the Facebook pages and keep in touch with each other and make sure each other are okay."

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