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Smead v CFA

Smead v CFA

Former Yulecart local launches legal action

A former Yulecart local, Monique Smead, has launched a claim against the CFA alleging ongoing trauma and financial impact in relation to a chemical spill on her property in 2013.

Polaris Lawyers will argue eight years ago Ms Smead and three of her children "suffered injury, loss and damage as a result of the response by CFA to a possible (but not confirmed) contaminant leak on their property."

In a statement of claim filed in Victoria's Supreme Court, Ms Smead alleges she was forced to strip in the view of male officers, threatened with being handcuffed if she did not comply for a decontamination shower.

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The CFA stated in the Herald Sun, "The CFA acknowledges hazardous material responses can be a very ... challenging ... situation ... especially where the substance is unknown."

The CFA will not comment further due to legal proceedings.

Ms Smead's lawyer, Ms Stephenson stated, “it’s much more than a series of errors: she was assaulted on her property by a service that she trusted, that the community should be entitled to trust”.

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