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Scouts Free

Scouts Free

Until end of term 1 2021

Scouts Victoria has removed fees for current and new families until the end of term one 2021, so that cost is not a barrier to participation during the pandemic.

Hamilton Scout Leader Jess Hayes said as scouting is now back face to face and is currently free, everyone has the opportunity to come along, have a go and get involved.

"Scouts teaches kids how to be resilient, they get taught how to ... do things that are challenging but fun. They go camping, we go canoeing or kayaking etc."

"Scouts can offer kids of all ages, from five, if they're at school all they way up to 18, so anyone can get involved in Scouts."

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"We're potentially going canoeing around the lake in a few weeks time, we did a race around town and had to find things last week, and we'll probably continue that, we've learnt how to put tents up."

"You can contact us via the Facebook page or there's a phone number on there you can call." Ms Hayes said.

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