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5 males very lucky

At approximately 12:30am on Sunday (07.06.20) a driver rolled their utility near the Rocklands Reservoir.

Four people were ejected from the vehicle, three of which suffered injuries. One male was airlifted to the Royal Hospital in Melbourne, another was transported to Horsham Hospital and the third male was transported to Hamilton Hospital.

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Sergeant Paul Stanhope of Hamilton Police says they are investigating the cause of the incident.

"Police were notified at around 12:30 on Sunday the 7th June of a single vehicle roll over up at the Rocklands Reservoir. All four males were in a UTV vehicle, a three-four seater. The vehicle appears to have struck a rut in the road which caused it to flip onto the drivers side and the driver of the vehicle has suffered a compound fracture and has been airlifted to the Alfred Hospital....All four men were from Warrnambool and surrounding districts, aged between 27 and 36."

Operation Regal remains in place over the Queen's Birthday weekend and police urge drivers to take care.

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