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Roadside vegetation

Roadside vegetation

Roma Britnell to meet with the Emergency Management Commissioner

Member for South West Coast Roma Britnell will this week meet with the Emergency Management Commissioner to discuss the ongoing issue of Roadside Vegetation

Ms Britnell has called for a unified approach to the management of roadside vegetation, which she says was a common issue of concern for local residents.

“Disappointingly this is the fifth year in a row that I've raised, that at this time of the year, the fact that there is no coordination, no planning done to maintain the roadside vegetation, so we don't have the situation in Summer where we've got fire wicks that we saw in the Saint Patrick Day Fire situation."

Ms Britnell said, "The fact that the departments can't coordinate a way of managing roadsides, just seems ridiculous."

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"I'll be meeting with the Emergency Commissioner again this week, to push this issue because it's just something that should simply be done, year in year out. It's something I'm calling for and it's not getting addressed.” She said.

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