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Resilience Project

Resilience Project

Martin Heppell

On Friday (14.08.20) the Future Leaders of Industry are inviting all senior students in the Glenelg Shire to get involved in The Resilience Project.

Hosted over zoom by Martin Heppell, senior school students will be able to learn new ways of identifying mindset tools they can draw on during challenging times, which is considerably important amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

Gabby Conheavy a year 11 Student from Bayview College said through the program she learnt a lot about gratitude, empathy and mindfulness.

"At the beginning of the first lock down we had the opportunity to attend the resilience project run by Martin Heppell. We all learnt a lot about gratitude, empathy and mindfulness... another big takeaway was that we shouldn't just focus on what's in front of us but take time to look around and take in the little things."

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Joshua Dalea from Portland’s Bayview College, explained what he already learnt from Mr Heppel about resilience.

"It's more or less just saying that having a resilient mindset is that your are not affected by many things, that are negative for you, you ...become resistant to them.. just being able to get through problems such as being able to stay focused or being able to stay on task."

Lilja Sigurpals, Future Leaders Coordinator, said, “We are incredibly proud of the students for their commitment to Future Leaders Program and their choice in offering “The Resilience Project” presentation to so many other schools and students. They can clearly see the benefits of the mindset learnings and can empathise with other youth, who are finding this year so challenging in so many ways. This is their way of supporting youth in our community.”

For further information and the Zoom link, contact: or phone: 0409 779566.

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