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Relations with police

Relations with police

Building them up

Local police are encouraging community members to focus on building strong relationships with them.

Senior Sergeant of Portland Police, Paul Phelan said, it's important if a crime has occurred or residents notice anything suspicious at all, give them a buzz and let them know.

You can remain anonymous.

"We've got a real strong focus on community safety... we really want to encourage building strong relationships with our local community and instilling the confidence with our community to report matters to us in a real timely manner."

"We'll get situations where we might have a theft or something similar reported to us or a burglary but sometimes we find out that this might be the second, third or sometimes fourth time that a similar incident has occurred, yet we've never been told about it. So very hard for us to investigate .. with the passage of time and the loss of evidence and witnesses and things like that."

Senior Sergeant, Paul Phelan encourages the community to ring the local police when anything unusual occurs.

"If it's non-urgent they can also ring our Police assistance line and report matters online, through 13 1444. And of course if it's urgent they can ring 000."

Mr Phelan said, it's not just about crime.

"It's around any sort of suspicious activity that they might detect, we'd really encourage them again to give us a right at the station or they can report it anonymously at Crimestoppers."

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Never assume that someone else has or will fill the police in.

"We don't want people to assume it's always come to the attention of the Police before and quite often it might be just that missing piece of a jigsaw puzzle in solving crime or detecting other Criminal activity in our area."

"We've had a lot of really good recent success where just one phone call to the police station has commenced investigations that have resulted in fairly big drug arrests and seizures. Quite often we're getting large quantities of Heroin and Methamphetamines and seizin cash and weapons and all those type of things."

"It's really important that we get that information that keeps our community safe."

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