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Regional Roads miss out

Regional Roads miss out

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Roma Britnell

Data showing deaths on regional roads have only fallen about 20 per cent since 2000, while metro fatalities are down 47 per cent, indicates rural Victorians are being left behind in the push towards zero

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Member for the south-west coast, Roma Britnell said several roads across the south-west that have a high level of crashes, that would not be of surprise to residents.

“Roads like the Heywood-Woolsthorpe Road, the Princes Highway, Caramut Road, the Great Ocean Road and the Hopkins Highway all have a really high number of crashes on the map for the period captured in the data,” Ms Britnell said.

"This is solid data that shows where people are being injured and killed on our roads. It cannot be ignored.

“The Government needs to address the issues with these roads as a whole – the surfaces and road shoulders must be addressed, and then other treatments can be considered.

“This isn’t an excuse to simply lower speed limits and install wire-rope barriers. The condition of the road surface must be at the forefront.” She said.

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