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Credit: Image by Oliver Moles as seen in

Rare bird sighting

Rare bird sighting

Credit: Image by Oliver Moles as seen in

Orange-bellied Parrot

Orange-bellied Parrot's have been observed across south-west Victoria. Last week, Nature Glenelg Trust ecologist Nicole Mojonnier confirmed a sighting with photo evidence.

These sightings have been confirmed in south-west Victoria for the first time in years.

Ms. Mojonnier said this comes amid other reports and rumours the Glenelg Trust has been following up.

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Ms Mojonnier said, this goes to show that the best shot at finding these birds really is to have as many people keeping an eye out for them.

"At the moment we have seven confirmed sightings over the whole area... we had a really good breeding season last summer and so we have higher numbers that might be coming across the state than what we had in about 10 years. So we are talking about 100 plus birds that might be coming across."

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