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Portland Coast Guard

Portland Coast Guard

New volunteers

The Portland Coast guard are looking to recruit volunteers.

Chris Hulonce from Coast Guard Portland says you don’t need any boating skills to join, and you have the chance to learn something new.

There are many training and education opportunities, where you can learn about the many facets of marine search and rescue and radio room operations.

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“We have three sections in our organization, we have radio room operators, we have boat crew, and we have administrators and supportive roles.”

“No one needs to have any prior training, basically we’ll train them right up, we’ll get them a radio operators license, if they go on to the boat crews they can start, we’ll get them a boat license, and we’ll continue then to develop them and they can either stay with either what we call competent crew, which takes about six months of training and they do things like, boat handling navigation and those sorts of things, and then progress right through to the skipper.”

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