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Op Nexus 2021 results

Op Nexus 2021 results

Image - (Warrnambool Eyewatch Facebook)

More than 200 offences recorded across south-west

More than 200 offences were recorded across the district as part of Operation Nexus 2021, held over the Easter weekend.

Speeding accounted for nearly 50% of overall offences. Of which, two drivers were caught exceeding the speed limit in Codrington.

Portland Sergeant Ryan Nelson said, “We had one South Australian driver probably doing 149km/h in a 100km/h zone in Codrington. His vehicle will be impounded at a later time and he’ll receive a summons in the mail as well. Also had another driver doing 130km/h in Codrington … and that was a Melbourne driver.”

The driver detected at 149km/h was traveling with an adult passenger and 3 young children in the vehicle. He was issued with a $826 dollar fine and will be disqualified from driving for a period of 12 months.

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In Portland a man was caught drink driving, he blew .13.

“Unfortunately, we had a drink driver in Portland that blew .13. … he’ll have his car impounded and also have a substantial fine and a loss of licence as well.” Sergeant Nelson said.

Sergeant Ryan Nelson said it is important to remain alert and advises drivers to take their time travelling to their destinations, especially during this school holiday period.

“Just be patient, there’s a lot of cars on the roads, a lot of caravans a lot of boats. As soon as you overtake one caravan, you’re going to come up behind another one, so just give yourself an extra 20 minutes, half an hour travel time, and just enjoy the drive, relax and be patient.”

Over the weekend there were five deaths on roads across the state.

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