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Not happy about Dingo's

Not happy about Dingo's

Possible re-introduction

Locals aren't happy about the plan to re-introduce Dingos into the Grampians.

It’s been proposed to help manage kangaroo and wallaby species.

John and Ronda Crawford own a farm between Cavendish and Dunkeld, adjacent to the National park.

Ms Crawford says it poses a major threat to local farmer's livestock.

“Well it’s a huge threat, I think it’s just ludicrous, all predators pray on the easiest thing they can catch and that’s not going to be Kangaroos or Wallabies it will be sheep or calfs in the paddock.”

She's about to set up a petition that will be placed in businesses across in the area for people to sign.

“Our sheep stud’s been going for over 180 years, we want it to continue with it … and what future is if half of your lambs are going to get eaten or livestock killed.”

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Member for Lowan, Emma Kealy addressed the Minister for Environment just recently reiterating these concerns.

This week Ms Keally said, “It is beyond absurd that Labor would spend millions to manage the harm caused by wild dogs in other areas of the state while at the same time having plans to reintroduce wild dogs to an area where so much damage would be caused to livestock, threatened species of smaller native animals, and the biodiversity of the Grampians, not to mention the harm that could be caused to young families and children that visit the park."

The Greater Gariwerd Landscape Draft Management Plan is open for public comment.

Ms Kealy encouraged people to submit their feedback at

Submissions and comments need to be made before the 24th of January.

You can also send your concerns to Parks Victoria Level 10, 535 Bourke St Melbourne, 3000 VIC.

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