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Lots of Tuna

Lots of Tuna


Portland waters have seen plenty of big tuna this May to July season.

The north boat ramp on the foreshore is getting good use, including the ganty that was installed last year.

This past week large southern Bluefin tuna have been caught weighing in excess of 100kg.

Bruce Elijah of Complete Angler Portland commented on the very successful season.

"It's been a terribly good season and the weather has been good. The seas have been quite good, we've had a few days that have been a bit hairy but on the whole everything is working in our favour for Portland and the tuna season as a whole."

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Mr. Elijah further said, lots of tourists are being drawn to the region due to the high numbers of the fish. However, local shopkeepers are making sure everyone is strictly following the rules.

"Certainly people are concerned... the shop keepers are doing a magnificent job.. we've got our hand sanitizer available right round the shop and generally keeping an eye on people, so there's not too many in the shop at any one time. And trying to educate people to be aware of the situation."

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