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Hamilton man

Hamilton man

Life threatening injuries

A 33-year-old Hamilton man who received life threatening injuries after an industrial accident, was flown to a Melbourne hospital yesterday afternoon.

Logging on a steep hill at a blue gum plantation at Nareen, the machine he was operating slid 50 metres down an embankment and into a river bed, making it difficult for the rescue operation.

Police were called at 3.30pm and he was airlifted at 6.50pm.

Sergeant Rex Habel of Hamilton Police said the operator was very experienced and investigations were ongoing today to determine the cause of the accident.

“The man injured is a very experienced operator of this machinery and the logging coup was equipped for the steep slope it was on, so investigations will follow today to hopefully determine how it happened,” he said.

“It’s not known if the incident was as a result of operator error, but again, it’s states he is very experienced on this machine.”

CFA, SES, paramedics and police attended the scene about 70 kilometres north-west of Hamilton.

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