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Gym owners want to reopen

Gym owners want to reopen

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Industry continues to struggle

Gym owners in regional Victoria have been left in the dark for several months, with the industry struggling to cope.

While Sunday's [18.10] announcements provided some further relief and clarity for some businesses and services in the South West, that wasn't the case for our local fitness industry.

When asked at Sunday's press conference when Gyms could expect to re-open, Premier Daniel Andrews said they were still considered high risk.

“Sadly this is a high risk environment, that's not my opinion.. that's the international evidence, that's the public health advice. We have gone further in relation to outdoor but it's a very challenging environment. There'll be a time though.. when they can, and we're looking at that closely. But I just can't give them the news they want now because it wouldn't be safe to do that.”

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Member for South West Coast Roma Britnell said, it was disappointing there despite the efforts of the industry, they were again overlooked.

“It is I think a big disappointment for regional Victoria. They know they've got to look after their clients and clean in between and put perspects between running machines and reducing the amount of running machines. And these are all things that have been operating or they've been trying to put in place and been trying to open for some time, they've had a plan, they've put it to the premier but unfortunately they've just been ignored.”

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