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Double trouble drivers

Double trouble drivers


Portland Police were flabbergasted to find the driver of a Holden Commodore, a 26 year Portland man, had been found over 5 times the legal limit after he had crashed into a fence in Portland West.

Police were astounded to find the male alive after the vehicle had been extensively damaged, narrowly avoiding a tree and causing a fence to be destroyed.

The male also admitted to recently using drugs. He has had his licence immediately cancelled and will be facing court in the new year.

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Just a short time later Portland Highway Patrol intercepted a Holden Ute on Percy Street in Portland, where a 30 year old Portland man tested positive to a roadside drug test.

After returning to the police station, the male was unable to complete the oral fluid test, and after being taken to the hospital for bloods. The man will be facing a 2 year loss of licence and hefty fines when he faces court next year.


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