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Cold weather ahead

Cold weather ahead

BOM 13.08.20

Weather for the Hamilton and Portland region will be cold and frequent showers are expected heading into next week.

Forecaster, Tom Delamotte at The Bureau of Meteorology says, a low pressure system sits out to the west of Victoria.

There is a chance of thunderstorms heading into the weekend.

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Mr Delamotte said,

“So we will have some showers over the next couple of days as a low pressure system is out to the west of Victoria. It’s going to drag down a relatively mild and humid northly flow. Which will generate those showers and even possibly an afternoon thunderstorm or two particularly on Friday and Saturday. So looking at temperatures, around about 14 or 15 degrees today (12.08.20). With both 14 and 15 degrees forecasted for Thursday and Friday.

We do start to see come cooler air move across the state as we move into the weekend. So temperatures drop back down to around about the 13 to 14 degree mark. And we’ll see those showers ease back as we go into Sunday, only a shower or two around, with up to 2millimeters of rain, looks like it will be a dry start to the day on Monday before a cold front moves in from the west later in the day. We will see a return to some showers on Monday night. Looks like at this stage those showers will continue into Tuesday and Wednesday as well, with some colder temperatures , maximus dropping back down to around about the 12 degree mark by Wednesday.”

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