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A number of charges

A number of charges

Committed to Stand trial

A man has been committed to stand trial, after he allegedly struck and killed another man with his vehicle, then proceeded to drive away.

The Hamilton man has pleaded not guilty to the charges and will face a directions on December 1st.

The charges include dangerous driving causing death, failing to stop and failing to render assistance. The incident occurred on the night of March 10 at approximately 3am.

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His lawyer didn’t dispute that his client was on drugs and driving the vehicle, but argued whether or not the drugs in his system were a sufficient element to make up the charge of dangerous driving causing death and that there was no evidence that showed the man's driving was dangerous.

"Nothing connects the manner, the style, the way of driving to the death of the unfortunate complainant in this case," he said.

However, the Magistrate stated that the matters were a question for a jury and committed the man to stand trial.

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