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A late night dip

A late night dip

Police lay charges

THREE heavily intoxicated people, who decided to go skinny dipping at the Hamilton outdoor pool in the early hours of this morning, have been summons to appear in court with trespass charges.

At about 2am this morning, police were called by a concerned resident, reporting activity inside the pool’s boundary at Hamilton Place.

Two females and a male aged in their 20s gained entry through a damaged fence.

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Sergeant Dave Walkley of Hamilton Police said the major concern was the risk around water, when drunk.

“Our first concern is that the fence gets repaired so that no one else can gain access, but the other concern is their level of intoxication while swimming,” he said.

“The potential dangers with that is they could have slipped and bumped their head, or jumping on the solar panel, or getting stuck under the cover, there could have been disastrous consequences.

“People might see the funny side of it, but the potential of someone getting stuck under that solar panel or injuring themselves, or worse, drowning, it could potentially have been very tragic.”

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