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$20,000 Awarded

$20,000 Awarded

United Way

$20,000 has been awarded by the Legacy of Lewis Court Home from aged care residents in the Glenelg Shire.

FOUR organisations received funding..Olivia Darcy, dedicated advocate for older people and Financial Officer for Edgarley Assisted living said he did a happy dance when he heard their residents would recieve a new BBQ due to the funding.

Nicole Carr, Executive Officer United Way Glenelg says there's still more money available to apply as the fund was undersubscribed this year.

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United Way Glenelg will re-open the Lewis Court Fund in February 2021.

“This will allow our community to look for projects of the greatest need post-COVID, said Mrs Carr.

“Characteristics of rural areas such as lower population density and more geographically dispersed populations, make it more difficult for older people to socially connect. Older people have been and continue to be the most isolated, particularly in a rural community due to distance.”

“If we can remove this isolation through technology and a commitment to making our living environments more age-friendly.”

Grants will open Monday 1 February 2021 and close Saturday 28 February 2021. Applications can be made through For further information please call Nicole Carr, Executive Officer on 0410 513 305.

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